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Very well done. Thank you for such a great movie. I don't know how I feel about any of it, I mean a apart of me does love the looks but that's just me and another part of me wished for more, I can only hope they will do better but I'm not holding my breath although I've seen enough teasers for enough things that I never fully judge until the first trailer so I'll be here waiting to see if they can do some magic or if it'll be a flop.

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When is wolves of the beyond book 3 gonig to be released


Here is a director/writer that can come up with an interesting idea and is good at creating great effects on a budget (a leftover from his visual effects days). What he lacks is the ability to write convincing characters. He needs to partner with someone who can, and he'll hit the jackpot. The weaknesses are the plot holes and that the characters don't engage you. The plot is driven by the mechanism of the story, which does have a compelling premise. It is let down by failing to take enough time in the early part of the story to invest the audience in the characters. No-one seems unduly bothered the world might end or about what they're doing. I thought the epilogue was weak and a better answer or lesson could have been found. Is it watchable? Yes. It feels like an early piece of a director yet to stretch his writing muscles and it is a refreshing change from standard American scifi. For the budget it was given, the output is simply amazing. Better than average Netflix movie that hints at more to come from this director. Enjoyable afternoon viewing that will leave you pulling it apart afterwards. Worth investing the time in..

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I really wish Carrie Ann Moss would have been in the movie, for a little Matrix reunion between the three of them, but other than that this looks great and I cant wait for it..

I guess I watch too much Food network coz my reaction was: what's Iron chef doing in John Wick.


Looks gayer than aids

the beyond / where the giants roam

Do you think John wick will get more than three movies or just be a trilogy

Hi Grace! I seldom agree with your reviews, but I love your passion and diligent collection of insider industry news! Don't think DC will do this, but having Dick Grayson take over the cowl from Batfleck would be a bold direction. Different backstory to mine, different love interests, and still has fun interactions with Batman's rogue's gallery..

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What actors and actresses appeared in Beyond the Beyond - 2012

The Strause are not supervising visual effects, which was the best part of Skyline.

How many wolves of the beyond books will there be


First time Grace is late for a trailer reaction The+beyond good Wow, Indonesian actor. I will watch it.


Margo Robbie gonna break her back carrying DC through these movies. Is there a Wolves of the Beyond Lone Wolf Movie?

the beyond imdb This ain't a sequel, more like a reboot! what's that song called at the ens Can you purchase womens shoes through the Beyond the Rack website How many Wolves of the Beyond books are there Also if they dont bring back Amanda Waller and deadshot scrap it because viola davis is the such a talent and they cant waste her When does the third Wolves of the Beyond come out I was waiting for your reaction. I’m really interested to know what you think of this beautiful mess😂. Either way I’ll still go see this. As a regular consumer, I honestly don't care about who's bebind these movies and let alone what bad things they did in the past. I just want to have a good time and hope the money I spent on it is worthwhile..

What does Peter find in the Beyond section of Bed Bath and Beyond Does white space has anything to do with python language in ViM IDE, sir ? Very good points! ciobenpceci/docs/to_the_desert When did Beyond the Beyond happen Grace, I had heard that DC had a Long Halloween animated movie they were working on. Don’t know if this is true or not, but maybe they’ll’ do The Long Halloween true to the comic, and then The Batman maybe a light adaption of both that and Dark Victory?.

I was planning to watch this and I’m glad I didn’t even know there was a trailer. I’m gonna go in blind. The Actor of Drax, should be King Shark! 2 words: Lazarus Pit. Ben goes in, young guy comes out. Could pretend to be Bruce Wayne jr. from Generations in the public eye. Problem solved, torch passed.. Give them a break, these photos are just like behind the scenes.

Why are we doing a Suicide Squad sequel again? This is such a tricky situation! I really can’t explain how I feel about it just yet. I guess cautious is the one word that comes to mind. I really love the idea of SS and I would just have to see casting .. I don’t feel like Gunn is good with Female Characters (Gamora). I just hope there is a lot of amazing action and the movie is just soooo full of characters that we want to see..

Wendy said she thought it was like The BodyGuard...idk. Hiding Under a Copy of the Strokes' Single 'Under Cover of Darkness'

I would have preferred a Gotham city sirens film :( why did they published such a bad trailer with such a bad cgi? I fear he will mess up the female characters. You know what, I am more surprise that the person at the end thinks he/she can outrun the giant monster like c'mon you are not Flash or Sonic I think she’s over analyzing this. Gunn and “The Suicide Squad” will do just fine. Don’t forget the guy that ‘exposed’ him was an ultra-conservative far-right winger with an agenda.

the beyond 2019 first one is one of the worst movie i've ever seen..... A fookin pencil Based on the worlwide blockbuster??????? REALLY?????


Yeah that is indeed Jerome Flynn. Hope he has great dialogue written for him. Love you Grace!


Suicide Squad is supposed to be for adults. I'll need to see whose in it and the trailers before judging. Is that Romolo from civil war Its Netflix ,they win millions will watch ,thats automatic what happened to the main actor in part 1? He became an anomaly and fighting the aliens to protect his wife and baby. i expected the storyline to continue from there. i am hyped for nothing





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